Backwards World

Good evening all! I’m sorry it has been some time since my last post my days have been crazy! I was inspired this evening to write because of some things I experienced over the weekend. I had to make hard choices and I realized that hard choices are made even HARDER because of culture and society. So much of our lives are skewed and twisted and judged and BACKWARDS because of standards that our world puts in place. I wasn’t completely done with this piece I wrote but I decided I’d throw it up here to see what y’all think. I wrote this in probably 5 minutes so I probably could have taken time to edit it but sometimes I like to leave things uncut! So here’s what I just wrote, I’d like to know if you agree or disagree with me.

Backwards world we live in 
and the lines are blurred between right and wrong
Best or worst intentions who can tell? 
Lies are pretty and the truth is ugly 
The heart tells the story but the pain is unseen
What would pain look like ?
A crack deepening over time
A rip down a perfect portrait 
A stain on your favorite shirt
Hurt- so clear, fragile  but so imminent  
Pain has left no one untouched. 
The scars mar each their own
dismantle relationships, societies, lives
Can we lie to ourselves for so long that it becomes truth? 
Can we hurt so long it becomes pleasure?
Can we isolate so long it becomes living? 
the evil one skews pursues wanting us to lose ourselves in a battle with this world
A hint of truth in a list of lies can sway and stray the many
Patience is torture, a virtue no more
Waiting is tainted by the swiftness of evil
Backwards is the world

Sick is beauty
Health is fat
Death is celebrated
Birth is eliminated
Man is women is women is man?
Black who hate white who hate black
Virtue is ashamed
Promiscuous is sought after

What a backwards world we live in. 



Happy Father’s Day!

I’m thankful for my dad today! If some of you are without father’s here on this day know this, Jesus Christ our Lord is our true Father, Creator and Savior and HE is always with us!


A Classic Musing

Hello all!

Sometimes I write just to write. I love the way words rhyme and can express exactly what I am feeling so beautifully even if what I’m feeling is NOT so beautiful. When I write posts, I usually take time and have a thought or a point I want to make. Today I decided I would post something I wrote at 3AM on my Iphone half delirious. There is obviously an underlying meaning to the stream of words. But I hope you can enjoy just the simple expression of the written word.

Switching sides, white lies convince me of deceit that I know is true.
Waiting, hoping, doubting emotions of a heart that has seen hurt beyond measure.
Pleasure? What is such an idea?
Something that has not seen light since the days before I knew the dark.
Black white, black white, where is the grey?
Up-down, in-out, it is all the same.
Running faster my heart beats to the rhythm of love.
Quick skips enough to drive me to doubt.
Carry me home where I am safe inside my head
where no one can see only when words are said.
I send praise high and have faith to be blessed below.
Low, low is where I keep my secrets deep below
the ground so nobody can keep them.

Just a snippet of inside my head!

Until next time- blessings!


But, That Wasn’t The Plan!

Hello friends! Today I am coming to you with a hint of disappointment but a faith that supersedes all emotion. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to the title of this post, which is why I decided to touch on this point!

Planning… Such an innocent word but it can sometimes lead to a mess of emotions. We plan because it gives us a false sense of security. If we always know what is coming how can anything go wrong? INSERT- REALITY! From my perspective, culture gives us the impression that A+B=C and if you deviate from that equation in any way you are a failure. Everyone has to be the best at everything- rule #76- no excuses play like a champion! Sorry I went all Wedding Crashers on you but it felt right so I went with it.

Anyways…I am coming to you all with a plan that recently failed me miserably and it reminded me how NOT in control of our lives we really are. We can plan, prepare, work hard, etc. but if it is not what God has in store for us, it’s not happening! Over the past year pretty much all of my big plans have not come to be. But this has taught me two huge lessons: What actually happened was a blessing that only could have come from God, and secondly, it was ultimately the best thing for me! And if that wasn’t enough convincing, a few months ago my mentor changed my life by telling me stories of people who followed God and their heart and were the most successful people he knows to this day.

I’d like to further burst my own bubble by seeing what God has to say;

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths.

It amazes me still to this day how the Lord has prepared us for EVERYTHING. Yes, I am very passionate and feel deeply disappointed at times, but when I spend time with God my faith overwhelms me and excites me for what is actually going to happen. I know there will still be hardship along this road but the everlasting hope is what I cast my eyes on.

I challenge all of you to take time and look back on when a plan fell through and all hope was lost, and in time things turned out better than expected. Some of you, like me, might be in the middle of the let down. I just want to give you encouragement to know things WILL get better and there is always a new morning.

That is all for now,


5 things I learned This Week

1. Dreams DO come true… I thought those people who always said that were lying
2. The world didn’t end yesterday – SHOCKER.
3. I don’t want to work in business- good thing I got out!
4. All you really need is GOD
5. Apparently I don’t know how to dress “business professional” – LIES!

Have a wonderful day!!


Everyone has a passion. What could you spend all day doing or working on? With no regard to the hours passing or stomach growling? If you can’t make a career out of your passion, spend time on it a little everyday. A passion is on your heart because God made you that way. He wants you to enjoy it and explore its potential.

Just a quick note!


My Heart was Moved

I am not a crier. I do not cry. In my family, out of the girls, I have always been the one to hold it together if something went wrong. This morning, I cried like a baby. 

Every morning I DVR Joyce Myers teaching. Because lets face it, it’s on at 6AM and I’m still fast asleep! So this morning I felt led to catch up on the teachings I have missed this week.

Much to my surprise, it was not a teaching, but it took the viewers to Haiti to see the wreckage STILL there after the Earthquake. Honestly, I was hesitant and about to turn off the TV because it wasn’t what I expected to be on. Which is completely representative of our lives. When something or someone is different and not what we’re expecting, we turn off.

So I’m going to try to paint a picture of what I saw this morning. Haitian people were killed by their cement homes falling on them in the earthquake. If they were not killed, they were trapped under 3 stories of cement for up to 4 DAYS. They lost mothers, daughters, fathers, sisters, and brothers. They were completely homeless, without food, water, or medical care. At first, ministries could offer tent communities and tent medical care. One man felt led by the LORD to start constructing 50 small homes for families who had one member lose a limb in the ‘quake. Then, he felt led to build 50 MORE, just on faith. After the 50 other ministries stepped in to start funding MORE housing. INSERT- Francesca sobbing. GOD WILL finish the work He has started in us no matter how OUTRAGEOUS it seems!

Haitian people were SO thankful by all the help they were receiving. But they knew, it was God. 

Take a hard look at your life. We want so much!

When one young child who was devastated in the ‘quake said something that stuck with me.

“I just want to see the sun rise everyday.”

If you have the funds to help Haiti go to

and even if you don’t, PLEASE check out the website, it has more information about these amazing people, that still find a reason to smile.